GlobMon - Electrotechnic product of 2013



If your power system consisting of UPS, inverters, generating sets, switches, switchgears is vast, or its monitoring has several mutually incompatible software and you just want to have everything in one place and under control, GLOBMON monitoring system is just what you need.
  • collecting and evaluation of information from various types of devices
  • various communication interfaces
  • graphically smooth and transparent user-friendly interface
  • SNMP and TCP modbus protocols support
  • 24 hours / 7 days a week monitoring
  • events log, history of measured data and trends

Globmon diagram
  • Express (basic version)
  • Professional (client-server solution)
  • Ultimate (no limitation)
GlobMon is a software package consisting of two parts:

GlobMon Server
  • continuous monitoring
  • creating a history of states and its storage in a database
  • sending information - email, SMS
  • optimalized and configurable communication profiles
  • services of SNMP agent
  • configurable communication interface
  • user friendly interface

GlobMon Client
  • creation of logical structure and hierarchy of monitored devices
  • clear and configurable system for displaying the current status
  • graphical and acoustic indication of changes
  • detailed monitoring and configuration
  • graphical display of data history of selected parameters
  • hierarchical user management and detailed configuration of authorizations
 You can download datasheet in PDF.




  • monitoring of point-point devices
  • communication interface
    serial line RS232/485
    modem, GSM modem, GPRS
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