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Trade name ELTECO, a.s.

Rosinska cesta 15, P.O.Box 6, 010 08 Zilina
Tel.: +421 41 50 66 601, +421 41 50 66 111, Fax: +421 41 56 50 104
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

R.C.Nr.: 17 321 719
VAT R.Nr.: SK2020446494

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ELTECO, a.s. company is the Slovak producer of uninterruptible power supplies. It was established in 1991. The group of founders has explored a a thirty-years experience in the field of power supply technology and practical knowledge from development and production when forming the company. We produce wide range of goods by modern technology, in the best quality, according to the national and international standards.

Management System of ELTECO, a.s. is in compliance with the standard ISO 9001:2015. The certificate is applicable to the following activities: Design works, production, sale, installation and service of electrical engineering and power engineering.
Line of business
Wide production range enables the company to deliver and install complex power and back-up systems solved as "turn-key", with possibility of control and monitoring of parameters by means of all current communication technologies. Delivery is realized as summary of all works necessary for operation of such systems together with construction works.

Other complex deliveries, which are subject of our activity, are systems of combined production of electrical energy and heat in combustion engines on natural gas or biogas (cogeneration unit systems).

Plumbless service for our customers is software program support of power and energetic systems (possibility of their monitoring and control), which enables to increase reliability of systems by fast localization of non-standard statuses.
Company is a member of the following associations:
Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Association of Electro-technical industry of SR
Company cooperates with:
ProExport.ru Proexport.ru website
Business idea of our company is to meet customers requirements and expectations by offering goods and services in high quality in order to achieve competitive advantages of the customer on the market by::
  • safe power supply
  • protection against data loss
  • energy saving
  • ecologically clear solution
  • trouble free equipment operation


Company aim

By means of partnership cooperation with our customers to provide professionally and in high quality their needs in the field of energy and power supply in economically effective way.



We offer wide range of products that meet requirements of the quality system ISO 9001.
Our company provides following services:
  • complex "turn-key" deliveries
  • installation of produced and supplied equipment
  • development of new equipment according to customer requirements
  • advisory and consultant activities
  • delivery of communication system up-grade
  • prophylactic examinations
  • warranty and after warranty service


Branch companies
During the performance on the market we have spread our activietis also abroad. Nowadays you can find our branch companies in following coutries:
  • ELTECO-UPS, Czech Republic
  • ELTECO - POLAND, Poland
  • ELTECO - UKRAINE, Ukraine
  • ELTECO PROJECT, Belorussia


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