Interference filters

Mains interference filter Tempest is used for supplying the computer and office equipment. It prevents the spread of interference signals from the equipment to the supply network. Also the equipment is resistent against external interference effects that are spread through the mains input.

Interference filter MF 100MD


Interference filter MF 160MD / MF 200MD


Type MF 100MD MF 160MD MF 200MD
Rated input voltage 230 V AC (+10%, -15%) 230 V AC (+10%, -15%) 230 V AC (+10%, -15%)
Input voltage frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Input current
max. 10 A capacitive load
8 A continuous
max. 16 A max. 20 A
Protection and fuses
fuse T 10 A / 250 V 2x fuse T 16 A / 250 V 2x fuse T 20 A / 250 V
Cover IP 30 IP 30 IP 30
Electric strength
1750 Vef
(basic isolation)
1750 Vef
(basic isolation)
1750 Vef
(basic isolation)
Range of working temperature
+5°C ÷ +35°C -25°C ÷ +35°C -25°C ÷ +35°C
Leakage current
< 2 mA < 3,5 mA < 3,5 mA
Output 4 x socked outlet 6 x socked outlet 6 x socked outlet
Dimensions HxWxD 135x130x355 mm 120x160x368 mm 120x160x368 mm


Interference filters MF 100-200MD are basic tempest filters offered. It is possible to produce different types of filters on demand.
You can download datasheets in PDF format or use contact information stated below for more information
MF 100MD - datasheet
MF 160MD - datasheet
MF 200MD - datasheet

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