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Mains blackout is not dangerous for gas heating systems. There exists an explosion hazard for hotwater chimney places and boilers using solid fuel with closed circuit and a circulating pump. 


There can be used ENiXUS power supply to solve the problem. According to need, it is possible to use a power supply with sinusoidal output or output with modified sine - trapezial. The choice depends on the type of the powered device.

  • nominal input range 230V/50Hz (90 V – 264V)
  • surge protection on input - it will protect your device during overvoltage of the input mains
  • during failure of the power supply, the output remains powered from the mains
  • very low power consumption in mains mode – minimal operating costs
  • manual start/stop of backup from the battery by two control buttons
  • possibility to connecto an external thermostat – for switching of the boiler for the purpose of tempering
  • version with the internal 12V battery with a capacity 12 / 24 Ah or version for connection of the external battery
  • protection against a reverse polarity of the battery
  • sufficient power of the charger for charging of an external 12 V battery with a high capacity (up to 150Ah – depends on version)
  • version without an internal battery can be used as a charger – charging of car battery
  • dry contacts indicating the basic conditions of system
  • SMS notification about the operation of the device and also its control - (optional)
  • simple installation
Type Power Output wave form Dimensions
W x H x D
ENiXUS [W] [sinus/trapezial] [mm] [kg]
S 031T - Bxx 300 trapezial 330 x 400 x 140 6
S 021S - Bxx 200 sinus 330 x 400 x 140 11
S 041S - Bxx 400 sinus 330 x 400 x 140 15


Note : * Back-up time depends on used battery type.
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