Electric mains stabilizers


The offer of electric mains stabilizers by ELTECO, a.s. company can be divided into stabilizers operating on the principle:
  • a) electronic - single-phased stabilizers of SE and SC series with the power outputs of 300 VA up to 2000 VA
  • b) electromechanical - single-phased and three-phased stabilizers
Electric mains stabilizers provide stabilized output voltage that fluctuates in the range regulated by standard (RC series) or in the accurate interval (± 1,5%) of regulated electric mains voltage value (electromechanical stabilizers).

They operate without magnetic dispersion and harmonic interferences. An important stabilizers function is a load protection against short-term interfering overvoltages, undervoltages and high frequency interfering coming up from the mains.

For these advantageous characteristics have stabilizers a very important function at supplying of testers, laboratory and paramedical equipments, NC machines, computer art and automation engineering, so everywhere, where work autonomy on the electric mains is not necessary but a stabilized input voltage is a condition of a correct operation.

Elteco, a.s. offers to its customers a possibility of electric distribution mains monitoring, displaying of voltage, current and frequency statuses in a certain time period and according to that it recommends to it`s customers a suitable stabilizer or power supply type.

Electronic single-phased stabilizers of SE, SC series
ELTECO, a.s. company delivers stabilizers of SE and SC series with the power output up to 2000 VA. They operate on the basis of a microprocessor controlled switching over of the autotransformer taps, what enables to maintain the output voltage in the normally regulated range at a very broad input voltages range.
Stabilizers of SC series have buit-in transformer and RFI filters.


Type Input voltage range
Output voltage range
Output power
SE, SC 195 - 265 V 223 - 237 V 300 - 2000
Electromechanical single-phased or three-phased stabilizers
ELTECO, a.s. company deliver these stabilizers in basic modification or with an insulation transformer. At three-phased stabilizers it is possible to chose a modification with output control according to one phase, a diameter of three phases or an autonomous control of each phase. Generally they can be characterized by the input voltage range ±15%, (±20%), at the output voltages stability ±1% (±1,5%). The stabilization speed is about 50 V/s.


Type Input voltage range Output voltage range Output power
R 230V ±15% 230V ±1% 2 ÷ 10
RI1 230V ±15% 230V ±1% 2 ÷ 10
RD 230V -17/+6% 230V ±1,5% 1,6 ÷ 10
RD 230V -28/+17% 230V ±1,5% 3,2 ÷ 20
VEGA 230V ±10 ÷ -45/+15% 230V ±1% 1 ÷ 22
ANTARES 230V ±10 ÷ -45/+15% 230V ±1% 10 ÷ 315
RTC2 3x400V ±15% 3x400V ±1,5% 6 ÷ 30
RTI1 3x400V ±15% 3x400V ±1,5% 6 ÷ 30
RTG2 3x400V ±15% 3x400V ±1% 40 ÷ 300
ORION3 3x400V ±10 ÷ -15/+15% 3x400V ±1% 10 ÷ 315
SIRIUS3 3x400V ±10 ÷ -15/+15% 3x400V ±1% 35 ÷ 2000
TAURUS4 3x400V ±10 ÷ -15/+15% 3x400V ±1% 630 ÷ 4000
Note :
1) - electromechanical stabilizer with transformer
2) - electromechanical stabilizer with autonomous control of phases
3) - electromechanical stabilizer with control according to a diameter of three phases or autonomous control of each phase
4) - electromechanical stabilizer with autonomous control of each phase


Stabilizers can be delivered also with a built-in insulation transformer according to a  customer request. We send the offer and the prices of stabilizers on request.

In case that a customer contemplate to use stabilizers to solve electric distribution mains instability, we suggest to consult or send the following data:
  1. required stabilizer power output (VA)
  2. demands on input electric mains range
  3. required voltage stability on the output
  4. type of connected equipment or load type
  5. electric mains statuses description, its localization
  6. demand on voltaic separation from the mains


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