Intelligent switchboards


Intelligent switchboards are equipments providing an automatic control of electric energy distribution. The switchboard is produced according to customer requirements, according to which a particular combination of switching devices together with required control and measuring equipment is created. Standard sets of intelligent switchboards are designed for low-voltage operations (up to 500 V with a current load up to 1000 A). In case of non-standard requirements it is possible to exceed these limitations.

The switchboard has two or three independent inputs. One or two of them are from the outer distribution network and the second, respectively third is from the genset. Only one input of the switchboard is permanently active, i.e. the switchboard works only from one input. Switching over from one input to the other occurs only in case of:
  1. a total voltage loss on three or one of the active input phases
  2. a voltage drop of one of the phases below 85% of nominal value
  3. a voltage increase of one of the phases above 110% of nominal value
Voltage limitations at which the input is active are possible to vary in the range of 85% - 110% UN.

Inputs are equipped with mechanically blocked contactors which disable their simultaneous closing, although their simultaneous switching-off is possible.

The manual switch placed on the door enables the switchboard to operate in the automatic mode or it can operate from the input determined by the switch position. Values of currents, voltages and frequency are monitored by the computer monitoring system.

The computer monitoring system
It is used for automatic measuring, evaluating and displaying of currents, voltages and frequency and enables a communication with the  master computer dispatching system.

Two display panels are used to display the information. One of them is located in the switchboard door, the other one is installed in the dispatching centre which is 20 - 70 m off. It is possible to connect a printer to the distant panel. Functions of the display panels are equal and are used for displaying the following data:
  • values of scanned voltages, currents and frequency.
  • alarms of voltages limitations exceeding, alarms preserving as historical events including the date of an alarm rise and extinction. In case of using a printer, all alarms are immediately recorded on the connected printer.
  • setting of system operation parameters (date, time, limitations etc.).


Basic technical parameters
Type variants of the switchboard
Voltage 230V / 400V
Input current 100A / 125A / 160A / 200A / 250A / 315A /
400A / 500A / 630A / 800A / 1000A
Frequency 50 Hz
Protection grade IP 40/00 / according to the requirement
Dimensions (w x h x d) [mm] individually
Protection against NDN zeroing, linking
Operating temperature -10°C - +40°C
Air humidity 80% at 25°C



LV (Low Voltage) Switchboards


LV switchboards are designed for electric energy distribution generally to back-up power supplies. They are produced in the form of a non-standard custom as optional equipments according to the customer specification.


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