Battery monitoring system HB

  • complex modular supervisory system of battery status
  • processor control unit
  • possibility to monitor max. 4 independent battery sets
  • max. number of monitored cells is 256 in 4 battery sets
  • LCD display with characters
  • fully programmable measuring process
  • galvanic isolation of measurement
  • communication via RS232/485/422 - simple connection of measuring modules also for longer distances
  • possibility to build into 19” cabinet eventually to place it on the wall
Monitoring system HB operation is suitable for applications where is required monitoring of battery operation.

The HB monitoring system monitor and signalise deep battery discharge in real time, eventually discharging of particular cells of battery sets, measured voltage on particular cells of battery sets, over discharging or overcharging battery current, battery temperature deviation from specified values and etc. Overrun of every of mentioned parameters could lead to battery set destruction, so it is needed to have immediate information about battery status.

The system si design into 19" rack high 2U and can be built into 19" cabinet or can be fixed on the wall in vertical position. Method of fixation has to be specified ba client in advance.

Battery monitoring system is fully autonomy working or can be directly battery-powered. So it is not necessary to provide power supply from back-up distribution mains, what enable to situate battery-monitoring system directly into accumulators` installation or storage room.


System scheme


Technical parameters
Technical specification of the system


           System maximal voltage            0 ÷ 650 V DC
           Number of connected modules            max. 16 modules
           Number of measured independent bat. sets            max. 4
           Number of measured cells            max. 256 cells
           Number of inputs for temperature measuring            max. 8 configuration
           Number of inputs for voltage measuring            max. 4 configuration


Technical specification of module


Number of voltage inputs            max. 16
Battery voltage measuring range            0 ÷ 16 V DC
Battery current measuring range            max. ±950 A (according to probe type)


Additional HB system options

  • Total battery set voltage
  • Particular cells voltage of battery sets
  • Measured voltage on particular cells of battery set
  • Charging battery current
  • Discharging battery current during back-up operation
  • Compare currents of battery sets
  • Battery eventually environment temperature
  • Possibility of battery sets with different number of cells monitoring
  • Module power supply from measured cells set or possibility of external power supply
Communication with user
  • Alarm report
    • acoustic (buzzer)
    • visual (LED diodes)
    • alarm dry contact relay
  • Communication via serial interface RS 232/485/422
  • Communication via standard net protocols using SNMP adapter
  • Using keys on the system front panel
  • Remote operated via serial interface RS 232/ RS485/422
Software support
  • Support for OS Windows 9x, ME, 2000 or XP


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