Graphical information panels

The panels can show any graphical pattern providing required information (time, date, temperature, order, text etc.)

Research and production of the panel is orientated according to a demand of a customer.


The graphical panel:
  • shows actual visual information
  • excellent read-ability provided by reflection points
  • low operation charge (cost)
  • pictures and texts are editated by comfortable program in Windows which is not required after the editation
  • possibility of connection a manage-system panel to IT-network Ethernet or Token Ring
  • remembers last showed information in case of an interruption of power-supply
  • 3 colours of information surface:
    • green
    • yellow
    • red
  • individual parts of the panel could have different colour shadows
  • transcription speed of information is 0,5 s
  • modal mechanical conception
  • excellent read-ability in day-time or night-time
  • different types of size symbols
  • minimal energetic demand
  • possibility of connection to IT-network Ethernet or Token Ring
  • communication by standard protocol UPSCOM2
  • possibility of customer’s protocol implementation
  • internal light programmed by user
  • other devices connection possibility
  • modal make out for an exterier


Sample of realized application


Possible connection of modules:


Shoved sizes are all active parts of graphical panel.
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