Company ELTECO, a.s. "v konkurze" was granted a Quality Certificates according to international directive ISO 9001:2015 by accredited Certification Body for Management Systems.


This shows evidence of consistent interest of the company to maintain the highest quality of its products and related services. Product quality is monitored from advance production through production to installation at customer’s side.


We care that our customers give permanent trust to our products.


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Industrial Property Office of the Slovak Republic issued following Trademark Certificates:



Quality policy
  1. Prime target of the company is to fulfil requirements and expectations of our customers, to provide long-term prosperity of the company by offering complex solutions supported by own research, development and projection activity, production, installation and service of equipments.
  2. We develop skills and experiences of our employee that are motor of the company´s growth.
  3. The management defines clear trends of the company´s development and creates conditions to support unification of individual strength into teamwork in order to achieve defined aims.
  4. We lay a particular stress on system control and constant improvement of processes, activities as well as effectiveness of their mutual ties.
  5. Before any suggestion there is a consistent analysis in order to support optimal function of the chain CUSTOMER - MARKETING - DEVELOPMENT - PRODUCTION - SERVICES - CUSTOMER.
  6. We build up mutually profitable relations with our suppliers because we realize that they co-operate on total quality of our products and services.
  7. In terms of further development of the company, we pay a big attention to level and capability increase of technological devices and to improvement of working environment for our employee.
  8. Since product development we solve effects of our products as well as production on environment, namely in accordance with company surrounding and valid legislation
  9. We are in touch with our daughter companies and develop effective communication with them in order to provide reciprocal sharing and transfer of knowledge and experiences of our employee.
Aims of the company


By professional approach we create values with respect to market demand in selected segment.


Professional approach:

Market demand:

    - technicality and experiences of our employee
  - additional services
  - reaction speed

  - range of goods
  - offered services


Market segment:

  - satisfied customers
  - satisfied shareholders
  - satisfied employee
  - symbiosis with surroundings

- territory in which we run a business
  - we are good and competitive

pinWe supply all over the world

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