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Supplies of energy

Production of energy

Product range

Systems of electric energy
power supply and back-up

Systems of energy production also
on the base of renewable resources

Back-up Power Supplies - UPS

Electric and thermal energy production
 ►   AC back-up power supplies
 ►   DC back-up power supplies
 ►   Telecommunication supplies
 ►   Generating sets
 ►   Cogeneration units

Other products

Electric energy production
 ►   DC/DC converters
 ►   DC/AC inverters
 ►   Stabilisers
 ►   Battery chargers
 ►   Switchboards
 ►   Exchange rate boards
 ►   Grapfical information tables
 ►   Accumulators
 ►   Battery monitoring system
 ►   Tester of batteries
 ►   Switches
 ►   Communication modules
 ►   Cabinets
 ►   Battery shelves
 ►   Cables
 ►   Tempest
 ►   Generating sets

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