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ELTECO, a.s. provides following services:

 ►  Rental of back-up energy from UPS and gensets

Pricelist in PDF format containing offered equipment and it's basic characteristics:

  • UPS rental (50 kB)
  • Gensets rental (390 kB)

  •  ►   Complex "turn-key" deliveries

  • when power supplies of higher power outputs, a generating sets or a complex supply system are delivered, ELTECO, a.s., according to the order, provides a delivery as a summary of all works necessary for equipment installation and operation

  •  ►   Installation of produced and supplied equipment

  • installation of lower outputs power supplies is so simple, that user can install them himself using User`s manual
  • installation of uninterruptible power supplies, generating sets and all manufactured and delivered equipment is provided by skilled service technicians of ELTECO, a.s. company

  •  ►   Development of new equipment according to customer requirements

     ►   Advisory and consultant activities

  • our company is able to provide a consultancy free of charge when using back-up power supplies, generating sets and all manufactured and delivered equipment

  •  ►   Delivery of communication system up-grade

  • delivery of communication system up-grade free of charge

  •  ►   Prophylakctic examinations
  • current prophylactic within the warranty period (once a 24 months)
  • general prophylactic (including potential overhaul) of supplies before the warranty period expires

  •  ►   Transport

  • transport of supply systems to customer as a part of complex delivery

  •  ►   Warranty and afterwarranty service
  • 2 years free warranty service for all products
  • the after warranty service and prophylactic controls can be agreed on basis of a particular agreement

  •  ►   Service centers in Slovak Republic:
    ELTECO, a.s., Rosinska cesta, P.O.Box C9, 010 01 Zilina
    Tel.: 041/5066111
    Fax : 041/5650104

    ELTECO, a.s., Liptovska 33, 821 09 Bratislava
    Tel.: 02/53632893
    Fax : 02/53417145

    ELTECO, a.s., Obchodna 252, 072 22 Strazske
    Tel.: 056/6477171

     ►   Service centers in Czech Republic:
    ELTECO - UPS s.r.o., Televizni 2616, P.O.Box 12,
    756 61 Roznov pod Radhostem
    Tel.: 571 844 384
    Fax : 571 842 375

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