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On 16.03.2017 has been the HOTLINE phone number +421 902 083 672 transferred by member of statutary body, Mrs. Anna Ozaniakova Dip Mgmt., to Ing. Jaroslav Ozaniak, who is not employed by our company since 01.07.2017. For this reason, no appropriate support, nor qualified service will be provided by calling that number. Use a new HOTLINE telephone number +421 903 528 645, please.

On some devices manufactured and delivered by ELTECO, a.s. company there is performed service work by persons and companies not authorized by producer and supplier, which is ELTECO, a.s.. As those persons or companies do not have any official service documentation, the device may not work properly after such repair, even risk of repeated failure is high. Sometimes, those unskilled technicians, not being able to repair a small failure of device, suggest replacement of device by a new one, which unnecessarily increases the costs of customer. 



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